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Welcome To A Small Business Life

I’ve been in small business for 30+ years. . .

And I’ve experienced ALL the ups and downs in my small business life!

I’ve been where you are but over the years, I’ve developed the solutions and systems that have helped me succeed. Now you can work with me and fast track YOUR success!

Let’s work together so you can stop

feeling overwhelmed and start thriving!

Here are some ways that I can coach you and consult on your business

  • creating an email list and newsletter so you can connect with your customers

  • audit your website/socials and find ways to streamline the hours/effort you spend

  • find efficiencies in your business operations so things run more smoothly

  • audit your in-store/online product merchandising and find ways to make it sell more

  • create marketing materials that reflect your brand and are consistent in your business

  • improving product photography and editing so it’s easy to do and visually appealing

  • assisting with product development, packaging and distribution

  • contracting new retail buildouts and expansions

let's work together

1 Month Package

This starter package of 4 sessions (1 session/week) is a good way to explore how we can improve your business or discuss specific topics

let's work together


3 Month Package

This more robust package of 12 sessions (1 session/ week) is ideal for clients looking to make improvements in their existing business OR starting a new business

let's work together

6 Month Package

This substantial package of 24 sessions (1 session / week) is perfect for clients looking to make major changes or launch a brand new business

Not sure where to start?

No problem…

Schedule a FREE 20 minute virtual coffee chat

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