by Anna Ludwinowski


by Anna Ludwinowski


what do colours say

What do colours say to your customers? Is it something we entrepreneurs even think about?

We usually pick our brand colour when we start our businesses and then we forget about it. Or we randomly use any colours for our socials, emails or website.

But the colours you use for your small business (in your branding, packaging, products, and merchandising) say a lot about you and your company. They can draw a customer in and entice them to buy or turn them off and lead them out the door.

So what do colours say?


bright and cheerful colours


Colours such as orange and bright green combined help your feel youthful, vibrant, and happy. They can encourage customers to feel excited about spring, renewal and renovation. This can motivate them to buy new clothes, accessories or home furnishings. Do these vivid colours speak sweetly to your customers or are they too much?

what do colours say


Pink and purple together can be creative, caring, luxurious and feminine. Creating gift baskets in these colours can inspire gift giving purchases, especially for Mother’s Day. Sure these colours look great together but do they convey the right message to your customers?


what do colours say


Soft blues and greens naturally lend themselves to calm and relaxation. This makes them ideal for bathrooms and spas or related health and wellness products. Does this colour combo work well for your business/products or is too chill for your customers?

colours for businesses


Red and yellow are bold and energetic together.  This makes them perfect for active places such as gyms and appetite inducing fast food places. And while red and yellow do go well together (hello mustard and ketchup!), could they be too *in your face* for your customers?

Have you thought about using colour to *speak* to your customers?

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