Categories: Anna's Musings

by Anna Ludwinowski


Categories: Anna's Musings

by Anna Ludwinowski


real world small business experience vs armchair expert

Real world small business experience is pure gold.

Back when my husband and I started our first company, Essential Packaging, small business wasn’t ANYTHING like what it is today. We simply didn’t have the same support and resources that are now easily available almost anywhere.

When we started in 1995, you couldn’t Google marketing strategies, read any business development blogs or listen to any podcasts about growing your email list.

None of that existed back then.

The only way to learn was to try something. If that didn’t work, you tried something else. And you keep doing that until something eventually worked.

But it allowed us to do something unique that I believe gets lost in today’s business strategies – we spoke with our customers in person, really listened and responded to their needs.

Crazy, right?!

Sure, nowadays you have so many more options available to get advice – social networks, video platforms, and even AI.

But you know what else ALL that does?

Creates A LOT of noise.

With every armchair expert, with no real world experience, telling you to do this or do that, it can get overwhelming awfully fast.

What’s one thing I have that they don’t?


Yup, 30+ YEARS of it. I’ve done the work, the old-fashioned way, by ACTUALLY doing it!

So, why should we work together?

As your small business coach, I’ll cut through the noise and give you actionable solutions so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can start THRIVING in your business.

I’ve got the small business EXPERIENCE to help you fast-track your success.


CLICK HERE for options on how we can work together!

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