by Anna Ludwinowski


by Anna Ludwinowski


rest for entrepreneurs

REST for entrepreneurs.

Is that even a thing?

I think rest gets a bad rap from us entrepreneurs – we seem to see it as a sign of weakness or some sort of luxury that we simply can’t afford.

Do you find that small business life gets to be a bit much some days and you just want to take a day off? Yup, we’ve ALL been there and that’s totally ok. Heck, I was there this weekend, lol! So, yes I write this post as a reminder for myself too!

BUT (there’s ALWAYS a but!) …

Rest for entrepreneurs is vital because You. Are. A. Human. Being too!

We get pulled in so many different directions each day at work, never mind all the stresses and strains from our personal and home lives.

You NEED to take time off to experience rest so you can come back recharged. How many of us have worked through something for HOURS in one go, only to feel completed DONE at the end? Yeah, pretty sure all of us have done that at some point.

But if you really think hard, do you honestly feel like you gave your BEST throughout that entire marathon?

Probably, not.

I know I sure haven’t when I’ve done that. If I’d taken a break (a few hours or even a night), come back with fresh eyes and a clear head, I would’ve given a much better effort with a much better result.

When we think of rest, at least when I do, it feels like it has to be a long stretch. But it really doesn’t need to be long at all. Even taking 15 minutes to close your eyes, or meditate, walk around the block, or play with your pup, can have you feeling refreshed and recharged.

So, I’ve decided to do a #restchallenge – I’m challenging myself to set aside just 30 minutes each day during the week to REST. I’m keeping my options open as to what I choose each day for rest. On the days that i’ve taken a step away from my desk and computer, I do feel better when I come back.

I invite you to give it a try and do a #restchallenge too! It can be a shorter time if 30 minutes it too much. You can always start with even 10 minutes and work up to a longer rest. It’s totally up to you!

Just give it a try and see how much better you feel after you’ve had time to REST :)


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