by Anna Ludwinowski


by Anna Ludwinowski


Remember when you started your small business

Ah yes, the early days when you started your small business…

For some of you it might’ve been during the pandemic. For others, it’s been a long time, even years. No matter the timeline, think about when you FIRST started…

It was pretty exciting, right?

Maybe it started as a hobby and then family/friends started telling you to do it as a business. You thought, yeah this would be fun to do! You created a new logo, Facebook page, and got some new desk accessories in your new brand colours.

Those early days were long and tiring but so thrilling because it was YOUR new biz!

But as those weeks, months, and years march on, other “stuff” came along for the ride. The not-so-fun parts of any growing business: managing staff, growth, finances, expenses, supplies, social media stats, website analytics…

Hmmm where did all the FUN go?!

As your business grew, the fun turned into stress, then procrastination and eventually overwhelm. But that’s NOT what you signed up for, is it? You did it for the love of creating your product or service.

Unfortunately, most small business owners stay stuck in overwhelm land because they don’t have a roadmap on how to navigate through it. So, they struggle. They’ll Google possible solutions that they’ll try to implement by throwing them at their business, spaghetti style, and seeing what sticks.

And the frustration will continue to grow.

Until one day, they reach their limit and either give up completely OR decide this is just how small business life is going to be for them. Neither option sounds like a wonderful solution, does it?

Now what if you could imagine-

  • having someone you can share your struggles with, that UNDERSTANDS where you’re at?
  • having an experienced set of eyes look at your business and give you a roadmap to follow?
  • having someone who could skip you over the stress, procrastination and overwhelm part and go straight into THRIVING?
  • having someone who can SOLVE THE PROBLEMS you’re facing?

Well, it’s a reality that YOU can experience right now!

With my 30+ years of small business experience, I can be that resource for you-

  • I UNDERSTAND how you feel because I’ve been there myself, many times, so I can totally relate to what you’re experiencing
  • I CAN BE that fresh set of eyes that can see where to streamline your business, put in better efficiencies and create a roadmap you can easily follow
  • I WILL TAKE you past all the stresses so you can THRIVE in your business!
  • I WILL SOLVE the problems because I’ve got the experience to help you!

Ready to shed the overwhelm and get back to loving your small business?

CLICK HERE for options on how we can work together! Let’s DO this!!

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