by Anna Ludwinowski


by Anna Ludwinowski


Procrastination paralysis - 5 reasons why you may suffer from it as an entrepreneur

So, what exactly is procrastination paralysis?

It’s usually when you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious about starting/finishing tasks, that often results in delays (or even avoidance) of taking any action. It can affect your overall productivity/progress, and even lead to missed opportunities.

And yes, increased levels of stress, frustration and guilt are usually included.

Sound familiar?

Anyone can suffer from procrastination paralysis BUT it feels like a VERY common thing among entrepreneurs.

So, why is that? Let’s take a look…


Procrastination Paralysis-

5 reasons why you may suffer from it as an entrepreneur


  1. Fear of Failure: as an entrepreneur, you’re starting and running a business, which can be challenging and risky. Fear of failure can lead to using procrastination as a way to avoid possible setbacks/disappointment (aka you can’t fail if you don’t take the chance!)
  2. Overwhelm and Uncertainty: the very heart of being an entrepreneur means having to juggle different responsibilities, make important decisions, and deal with uncertainty. This can feel so overwhelming and can cause you to procrastinate as you struggle how to figure it all out
  3. Perfectionism: most entrepreneurs strive for perfection in their business, leading them to feel hesitant about starting something until everything is “just right.” This might look like always “working on” improving your ideas or products (aka procrastination!) and not taking the steps of actually starting/doing them
  4. Lack of Clear Goals: without clear goals you might feel lost or unsure of how or where to start. Lack of clarity is a big contributor to procrastination as you struggle to make progress
  5. Distractions and Shiny Object Syndrome: as an entrepreneur, you’re exposed to so many of opportunities, ideas, and distractions. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by new projects that seem more exciting at the moment. This “shiny object syndrome” can lead to procrastination as you jump from one idea to another without fully committing to one

Can you relate to any of those points? I’m sure you can. Personally, as the Queen of Procrastination, #1 and #5 are ones I suffer from the most with #3 close behind!

Understanding why you get procrastination paralysis is the first step to managing it and possibly even overcoming it.

Which point do YOU find yourself doing the most? Let me know in the comments :)


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