by Anna Ludwinowski


by Anna Ludwinowski


Rejection is just redirection

Let’s be real, rejection sucks. Whether it’s in life or in business, no one likes to be rejected. It’s just so personal. Our natural default is to assume we’re being discarded, abandoned and no longer wanted.


Years ago, I remember helping a customer who was trying to find the right packaging for her bath products. No matter how many products I showed her, she didn’t want any of them.

Finally in exasperation, I blurted out “why don’t like anything I have?!?!”

Yup, I did. I must’ve looked like a nut.

Thankfully, she didn’t acknowledge my desperate plea and simply turned to me and said “I like all of them but the case packs are just too much. I’m just starting my business and I won’t go through that many yet”.


Once I took a step back and actually listened to what she was saying, I quickly realized something. The “rejection” wasn’t because she didn’t like the products, she was “redirecting” me to offer something else that wasn’t being fulfilled by my current product offerings.


Rejection is just redirection.

By setting aside my ego (at least for a moment), I was able to read between the lines and understand the customer’s message.

After some discussions with our staff and other customers, we decided to make a significant shift in how we offered our products. We continued on with our bulk cases but then added split-case options for our most popular items. It satisfied a segment of our customer base that was being left out and we also gained more sales at a higher profit margin.

A win-win for everyone!

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy or that it’ll happen over night but TRY to be open to rejection as redirection.

It might take you on a new successful path.


Redirection can also help you realize your Lightbulb Customer – read more in this post!

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