Categories: Social Media

by Anna Ludwinowski


Categories: Social Media

by Anna Ludwinowski


Chat GPT

Unless you’ve been living in a cave these last few months, you’ve probably heard of Chat GPT – the powerful assistant you didn’t even know you needed!

Just in case you haven’t heard of it, ChatGPT is the amazing artificial intelligence chatbot that’s currently sweeping the nation. It allows you to have an *almost* human-like conversation, answering your questions and providing you with information for a variety of applications, including blog posts *wink*.


But you might be wondering, why on earth would a small business owner need such a thing, right?! Quite honestly, it can do A LOT for you.


How many times have you sat there, staring at your screen thinking “what am I going to write/post/make a Reel/TikTok about?” Like most of us small biz owners, your days are filled with regular daily stuff that needs to be done. Getting your creative juices flowing to create viral content is somewhere at the bottom of the list.


And that’s where ChatGPT – the powerful assistant you didn’t even know you needed can help you.


The other day, I was stumped for a new Reel idea so I decided to give it a try.


Give me 3 funny Reel ideas for a small business-

And this was ChatGPT’s unedited reply-


1.  “The Great Product Debate”: Create a Reel where you debate which product is better while wearing funny costumes or using props. For example, you could have a coffee shop where one employee prefers iced coffee and the other prefers hot coffee, and they could argue their points using exaggerated gestures and facial expressions


2.  “When customers give too much information”: Create a Reel where you act out funny scenarios that happen when customers give too much information. For example, you could have a scene where a customer tells you their entire life story while ordering a sandwich, and the employee struggles to keep a straight face


3.  “DIY Failures”: Create a Reel where you show funny DIY fails related to your business. For example, if you’re a plant store, you could have a scene where you try to repot a plant and end up covered in soil or accidentally break the pot. The key is to make it lighthearted and relatable


Now those are some pretty creative suggestions and better than what I could’ve come up with that day! What this also did was give me INSPIRATION to come up with more ideas and maybe even more applicable ones to my business.


Keep in mind that ChatGPT is NOT meant to do all the work for you (remember it’s AI and NOT a real person!) but it can definitely help you brainstorm and get past any creative roadblocks.


Use ChatGPT for other things too-


While it’s useful for creating quality content more quickly, you can also use it in other areas of your business such as-

  • provide customer support 24/7 via chatbot, SMS or email
  • create website content including product descriptions
  • create forms, operational guides and employee handbooks
  • language translation for product labelling, marketing materials, advertising
  • create advertising content and promotions


Using ChatGPT for the first time might feel a bit weird but it’s worth giving it a try. A good place to start is simply asking for some social media content ideas – you might just get some inspiration for your next viral video! Sign up for it HERE.


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