.You need help with your business because you’re

struggling – overwhelmed – frustrated – lonely

and you feel like you’re failing


BUT there’s a lot of bad advice


You’ve probably seen these already-

– the free webinars that are just sales pitches in disguise

– the overwhelming 6 month program to get you *started for just $15,000!*

– the influencer making millions in their sleep, working just 2 hours a week

I’m sure you’ve seen others, promising you overnight success…


Finding small business advice, you can trust, is challenging

I know. Been there, done that. And that’s why I do what I do!


Small Business Coach Anna

I’m Anna and I’ve been living a small business life for 30+ years

I’ve ridden the roller coaster of opening and closing a business. A few times.

And I believe that’s what sets me apart from the many *overnight small biz influencers* out there –


I’ve got REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE that they simply don’t have

.We all experience the same things – roller coaster of feelings, doubts, stresses, and challenges – just in our own unique ways.


So, if you’re ready to live that small business life, I’m here for you!

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Small Business Coach Anna Ludwinowski