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Welcome to Small Business Spotlight! Small Business Spotlight is a series that we created to showcase local entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into growing businesses. And they all have a story to tell. Sometimes their stories will amaze you, sometimes they will be inspiring, sometimes they will make you cry....
You're a fabulous baker, soap creator or candle maker! Everyone (ok your family and friends!) loves your stuff and are encouraging you to go out in the world and sell your wares! Now you're thinking, maybe you should start your own home based business, right? But where do you start? Well luckily we...

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Anna is Vice President and Director of Marketing at Essential Packaging Inc. For the past 22 years, along with her husband of 23 years, David, she has helped to grow the company from a home based business into a thriving retail and online enterprise. Her love of creative packaging, marketing and small business life has lead her to the wonderful world of blogging. Now she writes on her 2 blogs, A Beautifully Wrapped Life and A Small Business Life. She enjoys kayaking with her son Matt and hikes with her constantly shedding Yellow Lab Soda. Connect with her by CLICKING HERE Find out more about Essential Packaging at www.essentialpackaging.com

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